Inspiring Creative Women: Ceara Thompson

Modern Refined is inspired by strong, creative women. We believe that women who find a creative outlet are happier and healthier in both mind and body. In our Inspiring Creative Women Series, we celebrate both creative professionals and hobbyists who share their gifts with the world.

Ceara is a hospice nurse, a mom, a fellow earring lover, and a world traveler with a serious case of wanderlust.

She grew up exploring the Western United States and now shares her love for travel and exploration with the world on her blog, Travel Bee. We especially love her post, How I travel Cheap or Freewhich includes an insider's look at how she and her husband scored a ritzy Las Vegas vacation for cheap. 

We sat down with Ceara to learn more about her and her creative pursuits.

Why did you start your blog?
Many of my peers and friends had asked me how my husband and I plan our trips and figure out the logistics, so I started my blog as a hobby to record our travels and provide helpful information. We travel using credit card points and hacks to make our dollar go farther.

How does your personal style reflect your creativity?
I feel like my personal style is more fun. I am very serious at work, but deep down I’m playful and my creativity usually has a spin on it with some humor.

What do you do when you need inspiration?
Get outside! I love to walk around, explore new streets, new hikes and see new things.

What tips can you provide to other women who are looking for a creative outlet but don't know where to start?
You cannot fail! Try anything that sparks your interest and keep trying until you find it. There’s always a little rain before a rainbow, right? 

Be sure to follow Ceara on Instagram @travelbeeut and check out her blog,, to get some top-notch travel tips.