Inspiring Creative Women: Brenna Gates

Modern Refined is inspired by strong, creative women. We believe that women who find a creative outlet are happier and healthier in both mind and body. In our Inspiring Creative Women Series, we celebrate both creative professionals and hobbyists who share their gifts with the world.

Brenna has always been an avid hiker, but after being forced to stay off her foot earlier this year due to an injury, hiking was out of the question. While she'd always loved painting, she wasn't crazy about cleaning up the mess. She knew she needed to find a low-impact, low-maintenance creative outlet. That's when she fell in love with Procreate, a digital illustration app for iPad.

Her talent is undeniable. You can see a selection of her creations on her Instagram, Puis-je Être Chic (this tongue-in-cheek name means, "Can I be cool" in French). We were so flattered that Brenna created this beautiful piece of art just for us featuring our very own Long Layered Fringe Earrings.

When she isn't creating, Brenna is working out or exploring her local coffee shops in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her beloved dogs. We caught up with her to find out more about her unique creative style.

Your work is amazing! Do you ever sell your creations?
I've done a few commissions but for some reason getting paid for it stresses me out too much. I do it mostly as a destresser.

How long does it take you to create a piece?
My method is to get the work done in one day. I tend to lose interest in pieces if they take too long.

What do you do when you need inspiration?
I look at Instagram. With so many creators pushing beautiful content, it’s easy to get inspired. I sometimes look at a photo I really like and think I will recreate it in my art.
What is the connection between your art and your personal sense of style?
Come to think of it, they are actually totally opposite! My favorite outfit pieces are black but I like to have a lot of color in my art.

If you could share a tip for people looking to find their own creative outlet, what would you suggest?
Experiment and practice. With the first style I tried, I was struggling to make it look like my painting style and it just didn’t translate right. So my current art has become my own new style specifically for Procreate. It's about going with the flow - don't forget, creating art should relieve stress, not generate it.

You can follow along on Brenna's creative journey on Instagram @puisjeetrechic and @gottobebrenna